Top Home Selling Tips & Resources

Top Home Selling Tips & Resources

Selling a home is often viewed as a monumental task by home owners.  Selling a home can actually be fairly easy if the proper preparation is taken and the right advice is obtained.  One of the best ways to be prepared for the sale of your home is by reading top real estate articles and resources.  Check out some of the best home selling tips and articles listed below to help give you all of the knowledge you will need relating to the home selling process.

How To Interview A Realtor When Selling A Home

When selling a home, the interview phase is often one that is overlooked by home owners.  It’s critical to know how to properly interview a Realtor when selling a home.  Interviewing a Realtor properly can really increase the chance that your home selling experience is fairly stress-free and more importantly, is a success!

What Should You Expect From Your Realtor When Selling a Home?

Many home owners believe that every real estate agent is the same.  This is actually not true at all.  Every real estate agent will conduct business in their own unique way.  There are however certain things you should expect from your Realtor when selling a home.  Things such as being creative, understanding of cutting edge technology, and a great marketing plan are just a few things to expect from a Realtor who is selling your home.

Risks of Overpricing A Home

Pricing plays a huge role in the home selling process.  The biggest mistake that a home owner can make is overpricing their home.  Overpricing a home comes with many risks and consequences, many of which a home owner is unaware of.  Bill Gassett explains several risks of overpricing a home including the home under appraising or the time it can cost a home owner when their overpriced home “sits on the market.”  Bottom line, overpricing a home is a sure way to make the home selling process seem impossible.

Real Estate Pricing Mistakes To Avoid

Now that you understand a few risks that come with overpricing a home, what are some of the most common mistakes that seller’s make when it comes to pricing?  Mistakes such as leaving room for negotiations and choosing the Realtor who suggests the highest listing price are just two of the most common real estate pricing mistakes that home seller’s need to avoid.

5 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For The Spring Real Estate Market

In most real estate markets, the spring months are the best time to be selling a home.  The highest number of homes are for sale and the most amount of buyers are also looking during the spring.  Since the spring real estate market is so competitive, it’s critical you know how to get your home ready for the spring market.  In this article from RISMedia there are tips such as getting a head start on interviewing top Realtors and having a pre-list inspection are just a couple great tips to get ready for that spring rush.

Should I Sell Now or Wait Until Spring?

This is a very common question from home owners.  Is it best to wait until spring or is selling during the fall and winter month’s better?  Since every home owner’s situation is different, there is no absolute answer to this question.  There are many factors that should be taken into account when answering whether you should sell your home now or wait until spring.

Things Every Seller Should Know About Today’s Buyer

If you didn’t know, the internet and technology has drastically changed the real estate industry and market.  Debbie Drummond explains in her article relating to Today’s home buyers that they are extremely knowledgeable and educated.  It’s important to understand when selling a home who you should expect to be looking at your home.

Stage Your Home Like A Pro

Staging is not the only reason a home sells, however, staging a home like a pro can make a big difference.  Correctly staging a home can help not only sell a home quicker but also for more money.  Lynn Pineda explains that a buyer who can imagine their belongings and themselves in your home will be more opt to buy your home, and hopefully offer more money.

Can You Trust Your Realtor?

Trusting your Realtor when selling your home is an absolute must.  Andrew Fortune says that you should not only know the Realtors past sales experience and history but also “test the temperature” of the Realtor.  Before you sign any listing agreements, make sure you know that you’re comfortable with the Realtor and can trust them!

Top Challenges Faced When Selling A Home

Selling a home comes with challenges, almost every time.  Many of the challenges that are faced by home owners are reoccurring.  Challenges to selling a home include knowing how to handle emotions, dealing with unrealistic home buyers, and making sure that a top Realtor is chosen to sell your home.

Do You Need To Have Open Houses To Sell Your Home?

Open houses are a highly debated topic in the real estate industry.  There are some agents who will say that open houses sell homes and others who will say they are a huge time waster.  So, do open houses work?  It depends on what your definition of “Working” is.  Do you need to have open houses to sell your home, NO.  Are open houses a good opportunity for Realtors to potentially pick up new clients, YES.  The percentage of homes that actually sell at an open house is less than 5%.  Deciding whether or not to you’d like to have your home open is completely up to you and your Realtor, but make sure you have realistic expectations about the results from an open house.

Top FAQ’s When Selling A House

Selling a home comes with questions, which is normal.  Many of the questions are actually very commonly asked by home owners.  A few of the most popular FAQ’s from home seller’s include; How much commission do you charge?  How is the local real estate market?  What are seller concessions?  How much is my home worth?  What are the costs involved in selling a home?  These FAQ’s are just the “tip of the iceberg.”  The top frequently asked questions from home seller’s are something that every seller need to be aware of and be educated on.

Sabotaging Your Home Sale

This is obviously something you DON’T want to do.  The goal of selling a home is to actually sell the home.  It’s fairly common that home owners do things that sabotage their home sale and they are completely unaware they’re doing so.  Ignoring contingencies and repairs are just a couple of the common ways that home seller’s sabotage their sale.

Negotiating Mistakes That Seller’s Need To Avoid

One of the most exciting times during the home selling process is when an offer is received.  The emotions and excitement are running high.  The last thing that a seller can afford to have happen though is making a mistake when negotiating.  Taking the emotions out of the equation is always recommended when trying to negotiate, especially if the offer is a low-ball offer.  Bottom line, making mistakes while negotiating can be a huge error.

Top Real Estate Resources To Selling A Home

Finding top real estate resources isn’t always the easiest of tasks.  Knowing how to sell your home is very important even if you’re choosing a top Realtor to help get the job done for you.  Having the “know-how” can really make the process seem easier and have less surprises along the way.  Check out this awesome “bundle” of top real estate resources on how to sell a home from Bundlr that provides some great articles from the top real estate bloggers across the world.

Top Real Estate Blog Articles

Here is another excellent resource of the top real estate blog articles from 2014.  This article provides real estate articles relating to pricing, choosing a top Realtor, what you should expect from a top Realtor, top mortgage and financing articles, and more!  This is a truly remarkable article that provides 25+ articles from the best real estate blogs.

Guide To Short Sales

If you happen to be in the unfortunate situation of having to sell your home short, finding information and resources on short sales is not an easy task.  A short sale can be a tricky transaction and can take some time and patience from everyone involved!  If you’re wondering exactly what a short sale is and what you should expect from a short sale, check out this guide to short sales over on Tumblr.

Rochester NY Real Estate Communities

If you’re selling a home in one of the Rochester NY real estate communities, you probably know what your community is like.  How about if you’re looking to relocate to a different community?  Trying to find information on local real estate communities all in one place can be difficult.  There are many “Blue Chip” real estate communities in the Greater Rochester, NY area.  Having the information regarding the local job market, income statistics, school information, and local park information is very important when moving into a new community.